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Engaging Creative Minds Via Technology

Enhanced Connectivity

You are creating synergy between the departments by connecting to other services, such as your email marketing provider, social networks, website, customer service app, even invoicing and financial information, will provide many benefits.


Strong Alignment

We work to map the stages your customers go through during their buying decision-making process and building this in your CRM. By following this method, we also identify opportunities to enhance or accelerate the customer journey.



Simple and straightforward to use, with each user group being able to access the information they need to succeed in the sales cycle. We can advise on the steps to follow to tailor your new CRM system and encourage usage throughout the organisation.


Who we are

We Solve Better Digital Marketing Solution

We’re TechGigz Group, a team of creative, collaborative consultants who work side-by-side with innovative companies, crafting strategy, designing products, and delivering software.

We specialize in web, mobile, brand & product design. We love to turn ideas into beautiful reality.

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System Integration

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System Integration

IT Strategy Review


IT Security

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Know What Our Special Services For You

We install and deploy an automated service in your IT department that protects you from viruses, malware, and spam. We keep your backups and data recovery tools up to date. We ensure that your user interfaces are optimised, and supported with the latest software updates and monitoring technology.

Uniquely Built

Our Expertise Making Business Shine

Our approach to integrate SEO synchronize with Software and built reports around the trend and what is not working well.

Analytics We Perform

Easy read and understood Reports from the live data  assessed from KPI and Censors and Visualizing them to reports

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Rudhraksh V

Database Developer

Vijayalaxmi Kethireddy

Database Administrator

Veena Popuri

Public Relationship Offic

Jayshal Nanaval

Project Cordinator

Our Company

A Better Website Means Better User Experience

In order to improve operational efficiency and profitability, your company can outsource your IT services to the professionals at TechGigz. Through consultation, installation, and continued monitoring and response, our managed IT service providers will give you the most efficient IT system to suit your company’s needs. We monitor your data flow, respond to potential security threats, and keep your company’s virtual infrastructure up-to-date with the newest solutions and security patches. This way, we can guarantee you solutions that will keep your data safe, keep your virtual processes efficient, and maximise the time you can spend on other aspects of your company.

At TechGigz, we pride ourselves on fostering in-person relationships with companies and their staff in Perth. We provide on-site solutions and guidance to your team to build trust and understanding between your company and TechGigz’s experienced consultants. In this way, we hope to give you the most personalised and effective solutions to your IT management needs, and maintain an ongoing relationship between our monitoring and response teams and your staff.

Our experienced consultants evaluate the needs of your company to create a personality IT management plan to suit your size, activity, and history. We offer many technology solutions, services, and packages in the belief that no two companies are the same, so their IT solutions shouldn’t be either.

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Our Best Services We Provide!

Whether it’s a long-term project, stand-alone project or an extension of your in house team of developers, We can provide you with a spectrum of software needs. Bold innovative ideas don’t have to be expensive to develop. In an age of globalized technological advances expertise can be found across the globe.

Content Strategy

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Media Management

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QA Specialists and Administrators

You always need to make sure that the product being created delivers on quality from start to finish. Our QA Specialists are the experts that will make sure your project performs as expected, with practices straight from the ISTQB handbook.

Business Analysts and Product Owners

You don’t want your product to simply look good and have quality usability, it also needs to help you maximize profits. Our Business Analysts and Product Owners will ensure that the end product delivers results, leaving all stakeholders satisfied.

Front End Back End Development

If you want to make sure the scale of your project matches your ambitions for the future, then look no further. Our developers will ensure that your project is built to grow from the very beginning.

Highly Customizable

Analyzing your end user is the very first step towards creating products that satisfy their needs and ensures your success. Let our UX/UI Specialists create the best experience for your project.

Highly Customizable

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Network Protection

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Customer Support

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What Client Say About Our Company?

Our experience in finding a new remote cloud migration service was daunting at first. After having our first discussion with Jayshal we felt at ease. The support from the team has been amazing. Rohan and Jayshal planned and trained me a road map for our transition to cloud, which was seemless. Thank you Team Techgigz.