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At TechGigz, we deliver outstanding results across IT Services, Repairs and upgrades.


IT Services

We help businesses define a clear strategy that will carry them through their I.T requirements.


PC/Mac Repair and Upgrades

Experts in repairs and upgrades, we can provide you advice on how to upgrade your PC or Apple computer.

Small Business I.T Services

Security and antivirus, backups both online and locally, updates, migrations, configuration and administration of Microsoft 365, hardware acquisition (including maintenance and upgrades), and troubleshooting. Ad Hoc or service agreement pricing is available, and we provide a welcoming, individualised service. Let us offer a service that works with your company. For many small companies, we already manage their IT infrastructure, including servers, backups, endpoints, software, emails, Office 365 migration, and maintenance. We handle everything, including installing apps, provisioning software licences, and providing any necessary training for new gear or software. Please check PC Repairs or Mac Repairs for all computer repair and upgrade services.

New PC Builds and Upgrades

Thinking of purchasing a pre-built computer from a shop, the advantages of creating a new computer from scratch are enormous. The reason is because there are very few upgrade choices available because these computers are mass produced by a single company (Mac choices are accessible here).

These computers have planned obsolescence and are designed to be completely replaced. When you construct your own computer from the ground up, you have limitless upgrade choices and the advantage of avoiding brand-made bloatware. All of our constructions take between two and three days to complete and include a standard two-year guarantee. We can also repair or upgrade your machine if it is running slow, having power issues or if it’s just out of date and in need of a refresh. We can install parts you have purchased or provide you with the parts that you need. Contact us on the form below to get in touch or email:

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